Slack is a fantastic tool for communication, particularly in a world of remote work. It’s great for async collaboration, to ask questions and get quick answers. However, Slack can also be distracting, particularly in companies that are growing fast. Here’s a few things you could do to improve productivity and collaboration when using Slack.

📢 Default to public channels

Could anyone else in the org benefit from a question you might have, or a discussion you might start? The answer is yes, most of the time. Defaulting to public channels allows everyone in the company to have visibility into discussions. It’s a healthy way for discussions and topics to…

We’ve built a great feature to help our customers understand their credit scores and how to improve it

Why check your credit score?

Checking your credit score regularly is a good way to keep track of your financial health. The score is based on things like your history of paying money back, and having a good score means that you could get better deals when borrowing money — like credit cards, loans or…

Juliana Martinhago

Product Design @stripe, ex @monzo

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